Biltmore House

Biltmore House
Summer 2009

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Break Part Two

So what if it has taken me two weeks to start Part Two of the Spring Break blog? I've been living and enjoying life. Besides, most of the people who read this pretty much know what is going on in our lives anyhow, right?! Let's face it...I'm not the best blogger!

Here's Matt at the pond shooting turtles! What an adventure! Mr. Steve actually brought down the "big gun" for us! Don't even ask me what kind it is...

All I know is that I shot it, and it scared me to death!!

We caught some more fish....

...went to Gantt Lake and fished on a boat...

...Molly had a photo session...

...and my little sister turned eight years old.

All in all, we had a great Spring Break! Now, the countdown to summer begins!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dear Spring Break, Why Did You Leave So Soon?

Part One: Spring Break 2011

This picture sums up our time at home! Smiling, fishing, and relaxing with our family made our Spring Break an enjoyable experience this year. Last year we went on a cruise, we're heading west in May, so there was only one place we wanted for this year's time off...HOME!Our first day off was spent with sweet Sophie! She is such a joy to be around!! Matt pushed her around and around the house in her car singing, "Hi boys!! It's Spring Break 2011!!" I just laughed and laughed at the two of them celebrating our time off.
Mollie loved spending time with Matt and Sophie outside! I made sure to keep her on the leash, but she did so well with Soph. Mollie was super excited to be around a child! She would shrink down to the ground and roll onto her belly so they could pet her! Licking is Mollie's specialty, so she made sure to give Sophie some "hand sugar."The next day we went to Destin, FL to shop and visit the beach. We ate lunch at The Crab Trap and were able to sit outside next to the shore. We are so glad to be a bit closer to the beach and family.

The next few days we spent around the farm. As you all know, Matt is always one to stay busy doing something, so I'll share later what all he accomplished during the break...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Loves!

I love coming home to these two every afternoon! Happy Wednesday to everyone!

Praise God that testing happens next week! I don't think I could handle another week of test preparation. For the last few days I've put my students into leveled groups to review for standardized tests, and for the first time today, my kiddos finally ALL made 100's! I literally mean that every single group answered every single reading question correctly. My "lows," "mediums," and "highs" each read a different passage and answered six to ten reading comprehension/reading vocabulary questions. It is just what I needed today! God is so good! I'm so blessed to be serving God's children. Thank you, Lord, for my job!

On a more serious note, please be in prayer for my brother and sister-in-law, Mark and Whitney. Their sweet angel daughter, Sophie, has been admitted to the hospital with pneumonia in her right lung. Please pray for God's healing touch on Sophie and for peace and comfort for Mark and Whitney. The whole family is extremely concerned for her health, but we trust in the Father to take care of her while we all feel so helpless.

However, I find comfort in James 5:16. It instructs us to "Confess [our] trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that [we] may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. " Join with me in prayer for Sophie. I hope you have an amazing week.

In fervent prayer,